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Bichon Dog Introduction image

Bichon History: Bichon dog Bear had in Europe before the thirteenth century, especially favored by the Spaniards, the late fourteenth century, the Spanish sailors often use it as the navigation Transactions Products and, ultimately, Ralph’s on the island called Tana gathered a lot of dogs, which is later than the famous bear dogs. These dogs with Italian sailors Transactions Went to Italy, where they soon became the pet nobles of Italy, and became the favorite pet of European nobility. 1500, when the French invaded Italy, the French Bichon dogs were domesticated hen cute white fascinated, and put it back to France as war booty.

Although the child is small, curly-haired dogs rather than bear personality, nature, lively, loving freedom, to give the owner brought a lot of fun. It is soft, the coat is trimmed with paper to show its beautiful black eyes and rounded features of the body and head. When the position at rest, it looks like the kids white, fluffy toys; movement began, it erupted like a marshmallow. To maintain its best form, curly Bichon dogs need daily combing, regular professional pruning, of course, such care also includes regular bath and blow dry the hair as it makes them fluffy.

Bear Dog Bichon demanding on the living environment, often need someone, that needs special attention.

About Bichon dogs

Bear dog is a Bichon petite, strong, white puff-type dog, with a cheerful disposition, his cheerful temperament from his feathery tail over the back and curious eyes can be reflected.

This species has noHeavy or incapable of exaggeration, so the dog’s gait than the bear does not seem to symmetry there is no reason or is not sound.

Any deviation from the ideal described in the standard of the local Bichon bear dogs are to be faulted, and the extent of the deviation points. Bichon bear structural defects in dogs and other breeds are as undesirable, even though these may be the standard of the variety, there is no detailed description of it.

Bichon dog size

Size: male and female dogs than bears bear dogs than 9.5 inches at the shoulder height of about 11.5 inches, symmetry is the first consideration. If outside this range, but proved to be very good individuals, allowing appropriate to relax the standards. In any case, the shoulder should not exceed 12 inches or 9 inches. The minimum limits do not apply to puppies. Rate: body length (front from the chest to the hips a little distance from the last point) than the height shoulder to shoulder about 1 / 4. From the withers to the chest is approximately the distance between the end of the withers to the ground from a distance of 1 / 2. Physical: Compact and of medium bone. Neither coarse nor fine.

Bichon dog head

Expression: Soft, dark eyes, inquisitive, alert. Eyes: round, black or dark brown in the skull, is on the front. An overly large or protruding eyes, almond-shaped eyes and crooked eye is a fault. Around the eyes, black or very dark brown skin surrounding the eyes, it is necessary to accentuate the eye and expression. The eye rims themselves must be black. Rim of the eye pigment, or total absence of pigment, resulting in a blank and dull expression, the way is a definite fault.


Eye color other than black or dark brown color is of any serious defects. Ears: drooping, covered with long flowing hair. If you pull the ear toward the nose, ear length can be extended to the middle tone. Ears slightly higher than eye level, and rather forward on his head. So when he is alert, the ears to become the face. Skull: slightly arched, allowing the direction of the cylindrical arc eye. Stop: a little clarity. Muzzle: Very balanced head, muzzle and skull length ratio of 3:4, the length of the muzzle from the nose to the stop distance is the length of head from stop to occiput. The outer corner of the eye and to the nose of the dotted line, just form an equilateral triangle. Slightly below the outline of the eyes clear. But not so much as a weak or tapered front face. Jaw is strong. The nose: is prominent and always black. Lips: Black, fine, but does not sag. Bite: Scissors bite. Overshot bite or undershot bite is a serious flaw. Bent or out of line tooth is permissible, however, missing teeth are serious faults.

Bichon Dog Neck, Topline, Body

Neck: long and carried proudly behind an erect head. Smoothly into the shoulders. The length of neck from occiput to withers is approximately the distance between the distance from the chest to the buttocks 1 / 3. Topline: Horizontal, in addition to straight, muscular arch over the loin. Body: The chest is well developed and wide to allow free and unrestricted forelimb movement. Lowest point of the chest extends at least to the elbow. Rib cage is moderately sprung and extends back to the short and muscularWaist. Chest is clear, and a little more than shoulder protrudes slightly forward. Moderate tuck the lower abdomen. Tail: There are many feathers, the tail position flush with the back line, gently roll the back so that the hair on the tail rests on the back. When the tail is extended toward the head when it reaches at least halfway to the withers. Low tail, the tail lift to a vertical position with the back or the tail droops are serious faults. A corkscrew tail is a very serious flaw.

Bichon dog forequarters

Shoulder: the shoulder blade and upper arm approximately equal in length. Shoulders are laid back about a 45 degree angle. Upper arm extends well back from the side, so that the elbow is placed directly below the withers. Forelimb: medium bone; forearm and wrist neither arched nor bending. Pasterns: Relative vertical line, the slightly tilted. Dewclaws may be removed. Feet: Compact and round, resembling those of a cat and point directly forward, turning neither in nor out. Pads: black. Nails: Control in a relatively short state.

Bichon dog hindquarters

The hindquarters are of medium bone. Angulated thighs, muscular, slightly wider distance. Upper thighs and second thigh length roughly equal, at a well bent stifle joint. From hock to foot pad is part of the leg is perpendicular to the ground. Dewclaws may be removed. Paws are tight and round with black pads.

[Bichon dog coat]

Coat texture is most important. The undercoat is soft and dense, the outer coat is coarse and curly. Combination of the two touched, produces a soft but solid feel, shot up the feeling of plush or velvetAs flexible. Bathed and brushed, it stands off the body, creating an overall powder puff appearance. A wiry coat is not desirable. Soft, silky coat, a coat on the body, or a lack of undercoat are very serious flaws. Pruning: The coat is trimmed to reveal the body’s natural curve. All rounded off, and never cut so short, an overly trimmed or squared off appearance shows. Furnishings of the head, beard, mustache, ears and tail are left longer. Head hair is trimmed into a rounded appearance. The topline is trimmed to appear level coat must be of sufficient length to maintain the powder puff look of the species.

Bichon Dog Color

Bichon dog color is white, around the ears or on the body pale yellow, cream or beige shadow. Mature specimen other than coat color of 10% of the total, to a fault, and should be penalized. However, these puppies should not be faulted to allow the colors.


Bichon dog gait

Movement at a trot is free, precise and easy. From the side, forelegs and hind legs stretching movements coordinated easy reach in front, hind limb drive that maintain a steady topline. Moving, the head and neck somewhat erect and as speed increases, the limbs have a tendency to gather the body center line. Leave, after the lap to keep middle-distance, you can see the Ottomans. Come or go, accurate and correct action.